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10 Cruise Packing Hacks and Tips for Traveling

10 Cruise Packing Hacks List :

  1. Roll It, DON’T Fold it
  2. Dryer Sheet
  3. RA Belts Double Purpose
  4. Pill Container
  5. Plastic Wrap (from the kitchen)
  6. Comfy shoes& A Shower Cap
  7. Dramamine
  8. Fill Every Little Space
  9. Layers 
  10. Ear Plugs


Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line brings to you the top packing hacks before you set sail. We bring to you simple packing tips and tricks that will help you become an expert. We help you select the essential Items that you will need for a cruise trip. Packing for a trip can be exciting and stressful all at once. The excitement of going on an adventure is always the best part leading up to a trip, but the “what to bring?” and the “bringing” of to many things can leave you a little stressed.  There is no need to bring your entire closet or bathroom with you on your getaway, read below for some excellent Cruise packing hacks and tips, which will aid you in getting ready to set sail to Paradise without the stress.

  1. Roll It, DON’T Fold it – it doesn’t matter if you bring a suitcase, backpack or duffle bag – roll, roll, roll. Always roll your clothes when packing, not only is it a great way to avoid wrinkles but its space optimization.  Remember, you can pack more by rolling your clothes.
  2. Dryer Sheet – stick a dryer sheet in your suitcase with your clothes, this will keep them smelling fresh for when you unpack to utilize them. Nothing beats the fresh scent of clean clothes!
  3. A Belts Double Purpose – here’s a useful hack for your collared shirts – roll your belt and place it inside the collared shirt, this will keep your collared shirt from losing its shape.
  4. Pill Container – use an empty pill container to store your jewelry neatly. This will keep your jewelry organized and limit you to the number of pieces of jewelry you’ll take. You can get a pill container from any dollar store.
  5. Plastic Wrap (from the kitchen) – if you’re traveling with your convenience kit or toiletry bag, then any form of bottles you may pack (especially the ones with liquid in them) put plastic wrap over the container then put the cap back on – this will prevent leakage in your luggage, and save a potential mess!
  6. Comfy shoes& A Shower Cap – I know this seems like an obvious one, but you can’t cancel out the all-purpose comfy shoe – you’re feet are your friends, treat them as such! Along with comfy shoes, make sure to put your shoes in a bag of some sort, you don’t want your clothes getting dirty from your shoes, use a shower cap to enclose your shoes, it’s a great hack!
  7. Dramamine – Motion sickness is a thing, and it’s the worst – weather you’re an avid cruiser or not, it’s always best to play on the safe side and be prepared just in case.
  8. Fill Every Little Space – Maximize you packing! If you’re putting a spare purse or bag in your suitcase for travel – stuff that bag with other belongings. Every little space counts, however, keep in mind you may buy souvenirs, so you’ll want to live a little wiggle room for any purchase you may want to return home with.
  9. Layers – it’s warm where you’re going, and cruising during the day can be warm, but remember that night air can become pretty chilly out on the water, be sure to bring a cover-up or an extra layer to keep yourself warm if need be.
  10. Ear Plugs – You may sleep like a log, but packing with the “just-in-case” approach is always best, ear plugs can aide in your sleep at night if you’re a light sleeper or not.
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Be sure to enjoy any and all fun-filled onboard entertainment, and try to incorporate some of these useful hacks and packing tips for your perfect beach holiday.

Don’t sweat it if you forget something, our onboard shops have all your essentials and more. Let us know your favorite hacks and tips in the comments below!