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The Independent Traveler

Cruise For Singles & Solo Cruising

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s solo Travel packages promise an unforgettable experience for those who firmly believe in the adage “living life on one’s own terms”, with its personalized getaway cruise for solo travelers. Gift yourself some “me time” and hop onboard our single-person cruises any day you wish, at your whim.

Our single cruise deals are personalized for your tastes and preferences. There are plenty of opportunities for you to either spend your time relaxing in blissful solitude, or embark on an exciting adventure, whatever your heart desires.

There is something special about getting away, especially for the Bahamas solo travelers. It’s kind of a conundrum for people who don’t travel alone, either they don’t understand it or it may be out of their comfort zone, which is totally understandable; however, this isn’t the case for the independent traveler.

But for those solo travelers… they totally get it, this is their comfort zone, however, they face a different dilemma:

Is this cruise the right fit for a solo traveler?

Do I have to pay a hidden fee because I am traveling alone?

These are valid questions a solo traveler will ask themselves when planning a vacation. We want everyone to feel welcomed and join us in sailing away to Paradise! Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is unveiling an amazing opportunity; we’re the first in the cruise industry to drop the single supplement fee! So now that the good news out… If you’re a solo traveler, you won’t be paying a single supplement fee when you book an Oceanview stateroom; a single person can cruise with Bahama Paradise Cruise Line at a prevailing person cruise fare. We are the only cruise line offering NO single supplement on ALL cruises, ALL dates when booked online. This is really awesome for the independent travelers, who like to get away on a cruise without the dreaded single supplement fee. Cutting out the double occupancy rates for our solo travelers is a huge deal, it gives the solo traveler the opportunity to benefit from all the excellent services on our two-night cruise all while keeping it affordably priced.

There are many reasons behind traveling alone and those reasons are so broad. Some solo travelers like the idea of getting away for some “me” time, some like to get-away to meet new people, some like the excitement of an adventure on their own, not having to answer to anyone in the group, and just doing things their own way on their own time. Whatever the reasons may be (which are all valid), solo traveling is beautiful; it’s a great escape to relax, rejuvenate and go on an adventure. There is something great to be said about the independent traveler venturing off on their journeys. Traveling solo with the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line will not disappoint, not only are you getting an amazing Cruise deal without having to pay a supplement fee, but you get to experience all that this cruise has to offer to its cruisers. Onboard you’ll have access to our Dining Options that offer complimentary or specialty dining along with 24-hour room service, Entertainment & Nightlife, like catching a Vegas-style show or enjoying a cocktail and dancing in one of our Lounges, the Indulgence Spa & Salon, because a pampering session is always worth it, to the Leisure activates we have onboard both our amazing ships, like taking a swim in one of the pools or enjoying a mixology lesson. There is something for everyone to experience while setting sail to Grand Bahama Island.

Upon arrival at Grand Bahama Island, another adventure awaits. There are many shore excursions to choose from that are perfect for the solo traveler, from beach adventures where you can choose to relax on the sandy-white beaches and soak up some sun, swimming with the dolphins, to Pelican Lake kayak and Paradise Cove Snorkel or you can visit the Botanical Garden, City Sightseeing and Shopping Tour, and stop off and have some local delicacies at a restaurant; the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect cruise for the solo traveler! Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line embraces and welcomes the Solo traveler, that’s why we won’t have any hidden fees when it comes to traveling solo.