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Without Further Ado: Peanut Island

Have you ever wondered what that little island is? People are always asking what it is since you can see it from our ships prior to setting sail to Grand Bahamas. Well, without further ado, that little island everyone asks about is called Peanut Island (also known as Peanut Island Park). Peanut Island is a very unique little spot; it’s an 80-acre island at the mouth of the Lake Worth Inlet in Palm Beach County. Even though Peanut Island is small, it’s packed with some cool history and fun things to do.  Here’s a little insight into the little island you see from our ships.

Peanut Island was once called Inlet Island, and it was renamed Peanut Island, it was renamed Peanut Island for a planned (and then failed) peanut oil-shipping operation. This small island was also the location of a secret blast shelter, and the blast shelter built on this island was for the late President John F. Kennedy in case of a nuclear attack. The blast shelter was later known as the Detachment Hotel from 1998 to 2017 and was later opened to the public as a historic site.

Aside from the little history lesson of this little island, this park is a favorite destination to many boaters and provides many recreational opportunities for its visitors. With the clear beautiful waters that surround Peanut Island, it’s a popular spot to fish, snorkel and swim, you can even camp on Peanut Island! So next time you set sail with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, make sure to take a look at small but mighty Peanut Island! Happy Cruising!